Loving God
Loving People


We believe that you should be able to find a church who loves Jesus & each other.


We are fallen and imperfect people that are loved by a perfect God. 
We want to experience the love of our Savior together.
We want to share His love with the world.

“Hearing the Gospel at Victory Church saved my life. Literally. When I came here I was struggling with an eating disorder and starving in more ways than one.
Victory fed me with what I really needed - Jesus.”
— Kaitlyn Boccarossa
“I thought the church world was full of hypocrites with very little of Jesus’ love until I found Victory Church. I was shocked and changed forever to know that sincere love and acceptance can exist in church.”
— Kent Paul
“Victory is a church overwhelmingly breathing the Spirit of Christ.”
— Cary Dailey
“I have seen the face of God here at Victory Church by being loved and welcomed just as I am.”
— Ruth Zang


Tell Us Your Story

Has God done amazing things in your life? Have you been blessed through the ministry of Victory in some way? Tell us your story. We want to hear it and praise God with you!

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