Loving God
Loving People


We want to reach more people in our community! Partner with us for our 6th month expansion plan to help make this happen.

We believe that you should be able to find a church who loves Jesus & each other.


We are fallen and imperfect people that are loved by a perfect God. 
We want to experience the love of our Savior together.
We want to share His love with the world.

“Victory welcomed me as family from day one, and always encourages me to walk closer to Jesus daily.”
— Ashley Dumas
The youth group is full of Christians building each other up and having fun.
— Noah Solimini
Victory is filled with down-to-earth people who desire to know God and help others.”
— Jeff Disario
“Victory is a church overwhelmingly breathing the Spirit of Christ.”
— Cary Dailey


Tell Us Your Story

Has God done amazing things in your life? Have you been blessed through the ministry of Victory in some way? Tell us your story. We want to hear it and praise God with you!

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