Pastors Donny and Brittany Karpinen

Donny Karpinen is the Lead Pastor of Victory Church in Boca Raton, FL as well as a visionary leader, song writer, musician, content creator, and thoughtful communicator. His greatest treasure is his wife Brittany, who was his middle school sweetheart, and his two hilarious and beautiful daughters Jensen and Rowan. Growing up, he led worship in his local church (the church he is now pastoring), forming a family worship band called “Cadence” in 2007. After high school and whilst touring full time with the band, Pastor Donny received his BS Degree from Southeastern University, with a Major in Practical Theology and a Minor in Missions.

In 2017, Pastor Donny felt a very clear call to love and serve Victory Church with his life. Love for God, his family, and his church keep him filled with joy and hope for every day. Choosing the answer the call, the band retired from vocational music and Pastor Donny started to serve several roles at Victory church. In June of 2021, Pastor Donny took on the role of Lead Pastor, succeeding his father, Don Karpinen, the founding pastor. Shortly afterwards, his wife, Pastor Brittany, came along side him to join as Co-Lead Pastor.

Pastor Brittany Karpinen, Co-Lead Pastor of Victory Church, is a leader, singer, artist, and proud mother of two girls. Being middle-school sweethearts with Pastor Donny has led them to do life together for a majority of their lives. As such, Pastor Brittany was the lead female vocalist of “Cadence” and a regular worship leader at Victory Church. Having answered the call to pastor Victory Church along her husband, Pastor Brittany is a trailblazer and role model for women in ministry.

Together, passionate sermon series of all kinds have emerged out the leadership of Pastors Donny and Brittany, with a special added emphasis examining what it looks like to pursue mental health as a follower of Christ today.

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