Good Things Come To Those Who Take

Pastor Donny Karpinen's first book! Available for Sunday pickup only at Victory Church starting Sunday, March 17th.

It’s time to take hold of your purpose and potential, your mental and emotional health, your finances and your family.

Many people have a mentality of “barely getting by.” Many are aiming low and thinking small, perhaps to avoid disappointment. But Jesus actually said that He came to give us “life more abundantly.”

It’s time to get out of survival mode. No one is holding you back except for you.

This book will help break you out of small thinking and a limited mindset.

God has so much more for you, you just have to take hold of it.

It’s time to stop waiting and start taking!

Donny KarpinenĀ is the Lead Pastor at Victory Church in Boca Raton, FL. He is also the founder of a Kingdom-based personal development business called The Taking, helping empower people to break through mental and spiritual barriers to take hold of all that God has for their lives.