Frequently Asked Questions

What is Victory Like?

Sunday Service Experience

  • You can expect to be welcomed.
  • The vibe is refreshingly casual.
  • The experience is creatively engaging.
  • The Music & Worship is excellent – vibrant and full of energy – We love the passion that comes from a room full of people singing about the fact that JESUS IS ALIVE!
  • The Teaching is all at once helpful, conversational, reflective, and authentic. It’s easy to understand, yet deep with meaning – we want to help you further understand the heart of God, while always allowing constant growth in our lives.
  • The Focus is always around what God has done, is doing, and what’s next.
  • Our kids are safe and protected, actively and creatively engaged, and challenged to take what they learn about God here and live it out everywhere else.
Serving in and around our Region.
  • We partner with organizations both faith-based and otherwise that are actively, intelligently, responsibly, and passionately committed to our city.
  • We do it in the model of Jesus – Together as friends, family, & community.
  • We use the gifts, talents, and abilities that are uniquely ours to tangibly transform our region.
During the week in Small Groups?
  • We pursue Jesus
  • We share life
  • We break bread
  • We ignite growth
  • We share our resources
  • We serve those in need
  • We challenge stagnancy
  • We pray fervently
  • We listen intently
  • We talk intentionally
  • We laugh uncontrollably
  • We cry unapologetically
  • We live authentically
  • We celebrate regularly
Are all these people I see working on Sundays employees?

Not even close. Believe it or not, 97% of the people you see serving at our Sunday Services are members of our amazing Serve Team. Our Serve Team cares for our kids, serve our students, arrive early to set things up, and much more. It’s a huge undertaking, and we have an amazing team that we couldn’t do it without.

Are there classes for my kids?

Yes, we have Victory Kids for kids ages 0-5th grade during every service we offer!